Pakistan Professional Success Summit 2018

 Pakistan’s Leading Professional Success Summit Bringing Together Top Professionals together.


Goals Of the Summit

>    01.

Bring together all stakeholders at the level of equals

>    02.

Establish a unique and sustainable high-level forum and network

>    03.

Help define the future of an ideal professional life, on-job trainings and healthcare

>    04.

Find answers to major health challenges – both today and tomorrow

>    05.

Make national recommendations and set health agendas nationwide

>    06.

To make an alliance of CEO’s and Professionals to focus on Physical and Mental Health with fitness, health and life coaches

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring awareness about health and fitness among professionals and to optimize it.

Our Mission

The Professional Success Summit aims to improve health of Pakistani Professionals, catalyzing that process through collaboration and open dialogue, and steering tomorrow’s agenda to improve physical health, mental health, improve work-family life among professional via trainings and development, and policy outcomes.

The First Pakistan Professional Success Summit 2018 is going to be held on November 2nd- November 4th, 2018. First of its kind, the summit aimed at promoting Professionalism among all Professionals from diversified backgrounds.



We work closely with industry leaders and practitioners in Health Industry to bring to you the best.

    GOUHER AHMED SHARIF Relationship Coach
    AHMAD AMIN BODLA 10 Times Guinness Record Holder / MMA Coach
    M BILAL Skating Coach
    SADIA SHAKIL Athlete / Psychologist / Social Activist
    SYED MUJTABA Professional Standup Comedian
    WAQAR HAIDER WUSHU Kick Boxing Coach


What is Professional Success Summit ?

A three-day event full of energy and activities starting with workout with Professionals and Celebrity Athletes and followed by professional discussions on work-family life and much more closing with healing sessions, Stand-up comedy and Music. Not only that, this event has special awards for you including, BEST CEO AWARD, BEST PROFESSIONAL AWARD, and BEST STARTUP TEAM AWARD!

Who Should Attend the Summit ?

Technologists, Professionals, Women at Work, Women in Business, and all those people who face daily life work-family conflict and improve their work-family life and be happy and productive as well as physically and mentally fit!

Where is this event ? Do I need to travel ?

Islamabad is the event location. Venue will be shared by mid of September, 2018. If you live out of Islamabad then, YES!!!

How do I watch the live sessions ?

We will try to broadcast few clips live but in order to enjoy the whole event, you should come to Islamabad!

About Us

Samia Khan

CEO & Founder

We are team of Technologists, Digital Activist, Health, Fitness and Relationship coaches who are striving to make Pakistani Professionals “Best in the World”.We utilize digital medium to raise our voice against anger, frustration, work-life life conflict, challenges for young grads, Physical and mental health and much more .

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